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ABOUT stott & willgrass

Ever since biblical times, great gems have exercised a strange fascination on mankind. As objects of exceptional beauty and rarity they have natuRALLY always been highly prized and valued.

Having a true feeling for the romance of special stones has provided Anthony Willgrass with a continual source of inspiration.

He gains a great deal of personal satisfaction from discovering new designs, special settings, exquisite gems and supreme craftsmanship to offer his existing and new clientele.

Born the son of a jeweller has provided him with the ability to recognise quality and unique design.

the combination of family jewellery tradition, and, over 40 years of personal experience is what makes Stott & Willgrass fundamentally different from other jewellers in the channel islands. a genuine love and enthusiasm for this individual business provides a warm and friendly ambiance which is portrayed to valued customers.

The very personalised nature of the service at stott & willgrass continually proves to be one of its greatest assets.

Anthony Willgrass sincerely hopes that this website, displaying just some of his unique collection from around the world, gives an inspirational glimpse into the precious and delightful world of Stott & Willgrass.

About Stott and Willgrass